KORE Therapy

What to Expect

Your initial KORE therapy treatment will begin with a consultation to discuss your state of health including any presenting and past conditions to gain a full picture of your issues. When the treatment is about to begin you will be asked to remove your shoes and lie on the couch. Most of the KORE treatments are done with the client fully clothed. Loose, comfortable clothing and socks are best for treatments and you are more than welcome to change before/after your treatment if you wish.

The treatment typically begins with some muscle tests that which give me more information about where your issues are originating, so we can quickly start to resolve imbalances with a targeted methodology. The next part of the treatment normally involves gently moving and stretching the arms and legs in a particular way to allow the body to release, tui na (dry Chinese massage), ileocecal valve release and a neck release. Many other treatments may also be advised depending on your condition such as cupping, anmo fu (abdominal massage), craniosacral therapy and food intolerance testing.

Following your treatment you may feel energised or tired, but clients often tend to sleep very well. Although the treatment does release a lot of tension clients sometimes think they will be sore following the treatment, but this has not happened so far, they tend to report feeling loser, standing taller and feeling more relaxed.

The severity of your condition and how long the condition has persisted will affect how many treatments will be necessary. Normally 4 – 6 weekly treatments would be necessary for most issues, however in more severe cases it may take longer to rebalance the body.